Aviators Level Design (2D)

During my university internship (7 weeks, 2016) at Millenway I was appointed to be lead level designer for their upcoming game Aviators, aswell as to produce a trailer for the game. This was an entirely new territory for me as a designer since I prievously had not worked with level design whatsoever. Having full responsibility of the area was an experience that I grow to be very thankful of towards the end of this project.

The purpose of the game was to land flat on platforms to gain points. The trick was to do this without crashing either by hitting terrain on your own or getting slammed into it by your opponents, all while you had to be the first to land.

The game at the time was going to have different levels based on an area or a certain environment, like the desert for an example. After some early alpha testing we settled to start off with a couple of jungle-themed maps. I created 5 different levels in this theme with environmental obstacles reaching from easy to quite difficult. It was also up to me to name the levels, so every name contained something that connects it to the jungle and the design itself. The levels were named: Radiant Rise, Tendril Thicket, Stellar Skyline, Murderous Marshlands and Venom Vinelands.