Lit - a 72-hour Game Jam

WINNER and first place in 5 out of 7 categories with second place in the remaining ones out of 33 entries for the Dev Squad Game Jam!

NOTE: Splash art (above) created by Valmay Green, Australia.

This game was created by me and six other people from all over the world during a course of 72-hours as part of a gamejam.

I took on the role as project leader and artist, which included administrating brainstorms (for a game with the theme 'Darkness' which needed to include 'fire' and 'map'), directing and distributing assignments to the group members, tie the knots together between artists/composers/audio engineers and programmers, create particle effects, 2D-textures and 3D-models.

I also put together the level design, shaped it as terrain and decorated it with all the assets. The most challenging part of this project was difficult work hours, short deadline and overall communication since we had group members in the US, Australia, India, Singapore and Sweden.

All 3D-assets were created in Blender, 2D-textures were created in Photoshop, particle design and level design were made in Unity.

Download the game.

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